Sneak Pique Week

The Orange Peels: Begin the Begone Projection No. 2

Wondering what we cooked up for you all this time? This is a pretty good week to begin finding out. Magnet Magazine is giving the world premiere of the first song from our new record: It’s track one, side one on the vinyl and it’s called Head Cleaner. Stream it from their MP3 at 3PM page, or download it.

We first played the song live at the Bottom of the Hill last October and we kept it in the set for our Starry Plough show last weekend. The track also made its way east to the mighty WFMU where it found a home on Todd-o-phonic Todd’s playlist

Even though it’s not available until the first week of May, Begin the Begone had a pretty great week all told, with WFMU deejays debuting two additional album tracks: Tidepool and 9 from David Bombay and Therese respectively. Oh, and we also picked up our first review from writer Beverly Paterson at Something Else!

Hope that piques your interest. Stay tuned for pre-order info, show dates, interviews and more.


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