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Over the course of seven albums, The Orange Peels have built an indie-pop and rock following in the U.S. and beyond, winning critical acclaim with each new incarnation. Evolving with each formation of the band, today’s Peels have arrived at a sound and live show that has taken them to the next level on Trespassing (Minty Fresh, 2018, distributed by Redeye). Founding members (singer-songwriter Allen Clapp and bassist Jill Pries) are joined for the third time by lead guitarist John Moremen (Matthew Sweet, Half Japanese) and drummer Gabriel Coan (Carta, Continental), who bring big-screen rock, electronic and ambient elements to what began as an indie-pop band from San Francisco. The result is something bigger, something unexpected (Full Band Bio).

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All Music Guide / Review
“The Orange Peels have done nothing but release classic indie pop records that fold in influences from sources like sophisticated ’80s U.K. pop, soft rock, synth pop, and ’60s baroque pop. Under the direction of Allen Clapp, the group has never made anything less than great, and 2018’s Trespassing is no exception. 4-stars.”

MAGNET Magazine / Trespassing premiere
“For those of us in the know, Christmas came way early this year, with Clapp exercising all of his musical muscles on these nine tracks, mixing the acoustic with the electric, the analog with the digital. This isn’t man vs. machine—it’s man and machine joining forces to create the kind of modern-yet-timeless pop ‘n’ roll that keeps its feet on the ground but keeps reaching for the stars.

IndieBandGuru / Review
“Trespassing is the seventh album released by The Orange Peels and arguably the most progressive as well. Recorded in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the album resonates an earthy meets electronic vibe, experimenting with the limits of both and playing with how one can really enhance the other.

METRO Silicon Valley / Feature
“When you make the move from urbanized Silicon Valley to what feels like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, that’s going to make a difference in your music. Trespassing is a collection of shimmery pop jewels that dance seductively in the space between dream pop, chillwave and ’80s-style synth. But if you listen closely enough, you’ll also hear the wild and woolly mountain vibe bleeding through.”



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