Mastering session for Sun Moon

image-192116-fullTomorrow at 10 a.m., I’m taking our mixes to Headless Buddha Mastering Labs in Oakland, California to put the finishing touches on Sun Moon. Freaking out, as usual . . . But also very much looking forward to this final step in the production process.

I’ve worked with mastering engineer Myles Boisen for the last 4-5 records I’ve produced, including my solo album from 2011, Mixed Greens; The Hollyhocks debut album Understories, kindie-rock record World of Wonder by Alison Faith Levy; and the new album from the Jim Ruiz Set, Mount Curve Avenue.

It’s so important to have somebody you can trust at the controls for mastering, and right now, Myles is my guy. Tomorrow, the album will achieve its final form—the running order will be agreed upon; the eq and compression curves will be determined, and the audio portion of this album will be completed!

Send your thoughts our way tomorrow as we finish this thing we’ve worked toward for the past 3.5 years! And if you’re in the mood, raise a glass of something to us at around 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time to help us celebrate this milestone.

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