Solo Project Season

IMG_2017It has come to our attention here at Orange Peels HQ that both Mr. Clapp and Mr. Moremen are releasing solo albums within the next few weeks! Exciting times. . . they’re even celebrating the occasion with a special San Francsico show at the Hotel Utah on Friday, Dec. 2.

In the mid 1990s, Allen Clapp and his Orchestra surprised the world with One Hundred Percent Chance of Rain, a swift pop confection and bona-fide indie hit album he recorded for a total of $12 in the bedrooms, VW vans and churches of Redwood City, Cailfornia. Transforming expectations yet again, the Allen Clapp of 2011 leads listeners into virgin forests and blazing, new-world sunsets with Mixed Greens — an adventure in soundscapes and song-craft sparking with luminous energy.

As a solo artist, John Moremen‘s work has traditionally fallen into the power-pop category, but Flotation Device (2011, Mystery Lawn Music) finds the man coloring way outside the lines. Eschewing the distraction of lyrics and vocals on this collection of tunes, the arrangements become more evocative and mysterious — allowing Moremen to paint pointillistic impressions of moments in time and imaginary landscapes. Flotation Device is available right now on CD and Digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.


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