It’s our first album. It’s where it all started—and the road to making Square is what turned Allen Clapp and his Orchestra into The Orange Peels. From 1995 through winter 1996-97, we recorded these songs in three different studios, with two producers, for three different record labels. And in the process we became a band. Now in 2019, we think it’s about time the thing came out on vinyl.

We’ve just launched a campaign on Kickstarter, where we successfully funded our fifth album, Sun Moon. The idea is to gather everything that went into making the album—from the 4-track demos to the unreleased California version of the album to the original master tapes—and release a deluxe version of the album, remastered and complete.

Three versions of the record = Square³.

Interested in helping us make this happen? Our Kickstarter campaign offers all kinds of rewards, from a $15 digital collection to a $40 vinyl + 2 CD package. Heck, if we raise enough, we could possibly even put this monster out on triple vinyl. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Watch the video, go to the campaign site and see what makes sense. More updates coming soon!

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