Sun Moon is go on all fronts

Test_PressingSince our last post, we’ve had a few setbacks on the road to getting vinyl and CDs manufactured. Like we posted on our project blog at Kickstarter, we had two weeks of delays with our CD proof, and our vinyl manufacturer actually went out of business. Thankfully, we had not yet sent a deposit on our order. Consequently, most of January was spent on the phone with various customer support people

Thanks to Anthony at Minty Fresh, we got hooked up with a new vinyl manufacturer, and were able to get our order into production quickly without skipping a beat. The glitch in the CD proof was fixed, and we got to look at and listen to a full production copy of Sun Moon on compact disc.

So the good news is that over the past couple weeks, our first order of promotional CDs was shipped out to our publicist, and we received our test pressings of Sun Moon on vinyl! After a serious listening session on three different turntables, we approved the pressing, and now vinyl is being manufactured, and jackets and inserts being printed!

Hopefully the next time we post here it will be about something like out-of-town shows, or our record-release party?! Stay tuned.

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