The Orange Peels in 2013


So, our year of Sun Moon is coming to a close. Last year at this time, we were halfway through our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the vinyl pressing of our new album. So much has happened since then, and thanks to the gracious donations of friends, family and fans, we launched into 2013 with funding in place, and a lot of work ahead of us.

From the moment we handed in our artwork and master tapes to the pressing plant, it was as if we had stepped onto a moving sidewalk that wouldn’t really slow down until late November. The release date was set by Minty Fresh and Redeye for mid May. We hired a publicist. We began scouting out club locations and band choices for our record release weekend. We proofed artwork and approved test pressings. We got CDs and a limited run of vinyl manufactured. We set out a rough plan to tour the West Coast of California, the East Coast and the Midwest.

Then we had to start rehearsing! As it all turned out, we were so happy with our tours, our actual performances, and the chance to get out of Northern California and play our new music for you. It all added up to become the most successful record release the band has ever experienced, giving us as much of a surprise as anybody, and filling our press kit with stellar reviews.

We took over Magnet Magazine for a week, blogging about some of our favorite music and things, and recorded a “Director’s Cut” version of Sun Moon with track-by-track commentary.

When we returned, we decided to play a couple more late-Autumn shows before the year’s end. On the way to the last one, just before Thanksgiving, Jill and I were hit by a drunk driver at 60 mph while we were stopped in traffic. We were lucky to walk out of it alive and relatively uninjured. Our van wasn’t so lucky, but we were so glad to be alive, we decided to go ahead and try to get to the show anyway. We ended up playing, seeing our friends and having a fantastic night before the neck and back pain set in.

We’re all fine now, most of our gear survived the crash unscathed somehow, and we’ve already actually recorded the first song of our next album. Stay tuned for more on that topic. Will the Orange Peels really end up breaking our album-every-four-years schedule? We shall see. At this point, I would say we’re on track to have a new album out for you in 2014.

We’ll leave you with our Holiday single, featuring an extended version of “Grey Holiday” and a cover of Neil Young’s “The Old Laughing Lady” on the B-Side.

We wish you happy holidays and hope to see you all again out on the road in 2014!

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