The Orange Peels take over Magnet Magazine this week!

Magnet Item1

Starting today, Orange Peels band leader Allen Clapp will be guest editor of Magnet Magazine for a week. That’s me!

It doesn’t really mean I’m going to be running the show at the publication (although, with my editorial background, I could be a candidate). From Monday, June 10 through Sunday, June 16, Magnet will be publishing two articles each day by yours truly on various topics.

Just to help organize my brain for the task of writing 14 blog posts, I set out to do one random post per day and one musical post. Then, to narrow it down even further, I tried to keep the random posts as local as possible, although they diverge into hi-fi ramblings and discussions of how studio monitor speakers haven’t really improved since the late 1940s. I also kept my music posts somewhat locally focused, including bands I’ve either ¬†produced or played with, or who have appeared on my micro-label¬†Mystery Lawn Music.

So tune in! You’ll get a sense of what it was like growing up in one of California’s first planned communities, living in a futuristic Eichler house, a little bit about what I love about Northern California, and maybe even some clues about why I do music and what makes me tick. It might just be what the world needs now.

Be excellent to each other.

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