Trespassing is here

Trespassing Cover Art

Is it any wonder? We think so. We’ve been through a lot since we announced the recording sessions for this album last year. It hardly seems real. Our seventh album, “Trespassing” is here.

We had a fantastic launch week, and are so encouraged with the response to the record so far. If you pre-ordered the vinyl, you should have it by now. If you purchased a digital copy, you already have it in your library. If you listened to the premiere on MAGNET Magazine last week, you’ve heard it. And if you haven’t heard it yet, skip to the bottom of this post immediately!

We told you there would be some surprises. The press has noted this very thing, and we’re glad we pushed the boundaries to bring you this sweeping song cycle.

Some favorite quotes from our launch week:

“This isn’t man vs. machine—it’s man and machine joining forces . . .”
—MAGNET Magazine

“When you make the move from urbanized Silicon Valley to what feels like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, that’s going to make a difference in your music.”
—Metro Silicon Valley

“Trespassing by The Orange Peels captures the true essence of the coastal California music scene. It is an album you blast when you’re cruising Highway 1 with the windows rolled down and a car full of friends. The ultimate album for listeners eager for experimentation and musical intersections.”

We’ll be back soon as we’re on the cusp of launching a radio campaign. Get ready to call your local deejay!


Allen, Jill, John & Gabriel


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