The Words Don’t Work . . .

Thank you so much for helping our project get to its funding goal┬áin the late days of 2012! I’m posting this, realizing full well that words don’t convey the gratitude and excitement we feel . . .

We were a little nervous that the holidays might put a damper on the project (we were originally wondering if we should wait until January to launch) but you all pushed us over the top on the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 28, and we just sailed through the New Year’s weekend with big smiles, knowing there would be vinyl in 2013.

We actually have made 102% of our goal, and still have 24 hours left in the campaign, so if you were thinking of chipping in, or even of going for one of the bigger rewards, this is your last chance!

Adding fuel to the fire (well not in the SF Bay Area — it’s a spare-the-air day), here’s the rough demo I made of the first song on Sun Moon. It’s called “The Words Don’t Work,” and a bit of this demo actually pops up in our sound collage song “Traveling West-Sundowns.” Here is the melody in its original state, before the band intensified and transformed it with a descending bass line and thundering guitars and drums.

I believe this is the last of the song demos, as the others were all created on-the-spot in the studio the day we recorded them.

Thanks for helping us close out 2012 with a bang!


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