Brooklyn Vegan / Release announcement / Running Away (Single)
“Immaculate jangle meets harmonic bliss . . .”



Something Else / Review
“… an exhilarating wash of kaleidoscopic beauty.”

RUST Magazine / Feature
“There is a vast depth to the music here that had us listening to this album for weeks before we could even begin to find words for it. There’s just so much there – it’s really quite amazing.”

All Music Guide / Review
“A little more dramatic, a little deeper-sounding in spots, but still the same brilliant pop band for people who like it brainy and handcrafted.”

PopMatters / Review
“… a hidden treasure of an outfit that’s never failed when it comes to exceptional output. Arguably it’s their best yet, and like all Orange Peels efforts, it’s sweetly satisfying as well.”

L’étoile Magazine / Review
“Its blend of melody, chunky riffs, gorgeous harmonies, and delicious arrangements are deep as hell. It’s just that they sound like the wide open sky, and that’s one hell of a thing.”

Maximum Ink / Review
“… breath-taking weightlessness spreads from heady experiments to gutsy productions.”

Dagger / Feature
Interview with Allen Clapp on the making of Begin the Begone and beyond.


SUN MOON (2013)

San Francisco Chronicle / Feature
If you had Bay Area indie combo the Orange Peels pegged, just peel back the glossy pure-pop shell, lend an ear to its new album, “Sun Moon,” and you’ll find a juicy, vulnerable new incarnation.”

The California Report / Review & Radio Broadcast
“Sun Moon” holds the kind of playful, experimental spirit that marked one of power pop’s most individualistic figures, Todd Rundgren.”

The Big Takeover / Review
“… as big as R.E.M. circa ‘Begin the Begin'”

PopMatters / Review
“This is clearly a band to watch and, even more so, listen to with enrapt attention.”

East Bay Express / Review ” . . . There is change afoot. The whimsical, slightly mod-ish playfulness of its earlier albums has been supplanted by pensive earnestness — not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, really. The sumptuously dense semi-dirge “The Words Don’t Work” exudes a classy, Abbey Road-like majesty. The regal swirl of “Your New Heroes” wouldn’t be out of place on an early-Seventies Yes or mid-Aughts Decemberists album, but for its gorgeous Hollies-like harmonies.”

The Firenote / Review “The Orange Peels have often fallen more on the pop side of the power pop spectrum, but with Sun Moon, the band mixes in a bit more power, and the results are quite pleasing and instantly noticeable. The guitars buzz a little louder, the drums kick a little harder, and the vocals pack a bit more emotional punch.”

Dagger / Review “Then there’s the closer, the big, epic ‘Yonder,’ a song that starts quietly and then blossoms into a Technicolor prog-rock dream. Sun Moon may not taste like the Orange Peels you know and love, but give it another try, it will grow on you . . .”


2020 (2009)

Magnet Magazine / Review
“Peels chief Allen Clapp, abetted by new guitarist John Moremen, has shuffled the deck on 2020 by adding a few angular Talking Heads/Cars moments. “In my rearview crystal ball, everything’s 20/20,” trills Clapp on the title song. Here’s hoping it doesnt the world another 10 years to discover this prodigious songwriting talent.”

Music: What Happened by Scott Miller / Review
“. . . The whole album is gloriously well-crafted. There’s a mysterious golden-mean quality to the way 2020’s 6/8 verse works so well. It’s almost an A-B-A-A pattern, which is to say, almost anticlimactic on paper, that turns out to be a fist-pumper in real life.”

All Music / Review
“Allen Clapp believes in the curative powers of pop music the way someone going to Lourdes is betting on a miracle; his faith in the stuff is so strong and compelling pretty much anyone willing to give him a listen is likely to become a convert . . .”

Chicks with Guns / Review
“Simply put, 2020 is the future and past of indie-pop, a mix of flashback and idealism and modern ideas that will never again be surpassed by backwards-hat wearing dudes with songs called ‘Nookie’. And thank God for that.”

East Bay Express / Review
“The Orange Peels are going to have a hard time topping this one — heck, anybody would. If this zine gave stars, I’d give 2020 five of ’em.”

Musoscribe / Review
“The Orange Peels navigate the narrow path between sugary pop and hooky riff-rock … 2020 is the best of both pop and rock worlds.”